Staying dry in streaming rain? Relaxingly cooled at 40 degrees ambient temperature? What is standard today were the world innovations of yesterday. Discover the milestones of BMW Motorrad now. From the most successful product lines to the highest safety standards – our engineers and designers have not only changed the future, they have created it with each and every milestone. Join us on a journey through 40 years of rider's equipment and insights into the future of BMW Motorrad.  

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    Born to be wild – and safe:

    In the 70s, BMW Motorrad created the first entire motorcycle suit.

    Shoulder pad, new wave and innovation with brains:

    In the mid-80s, BMW Motorrad invents the first iconic full face helmet.

    Pop, boy groups and the return of the motorcycle jacket:

    BMW Motorrad remained concentrated on and revolutionised quality assurance with C.A.R.E.

    Heading off into the new century. Breaking the sound barrier:

    with the Sport Integral Carbon helmet, BMW Motorrad developed a helmet that weighs less than 1,000 grams.

    Internet of Things, smartphones, air as extra protection:

    the automatically triggering airbag suit Double R Race Air revolutionised the motorcycle racing world.


    1978 - 1997

    1978: the first complete rider's equipment and motorcycle accessories.

    Source: BMW Group archive

    A motorcycle helmet also needs the right equipment. In 1978, BMW Motorrad was the first provider to supplement its own motorcycle helmet with suitable complete rider's equipment made of impregnated cow leather with protection zones and reflectors for maximised safety.     

    1981: the world's first flip-up helmet.

    Source: BMW Group archive, photograph: BMW works photo

    The BMW system helmet I was the first of its kind, complete and set new benchmarks in the motorcycling world with its folding chin section.  

    1986: first Gore-Tex suit.

    Pioneering in terms of comfort and safety: the complete suit made of breathable Gore-Tex revolutionised wear comfort, increased safety standards and offered an optimised air circulation unlike any conventional leather suit. 

    1990: the first Kevlar-reinforced Protec suit.

    Full freedom of movement and wear comfort with maximised safety? This was inconceivable – until the Protec suit made it onto the market. Thanks to cushions reinforced with Kevlar and the new SECUFLEX System, the Protec suit was the first to combine both benefits. 

    1993: the world's first watertight leather suit Monaco/Atlantis.

    Source: BMW Group archive, photograph: BMW press photo

    Dry and casual in the familiar leather look: BMW Motorrad caused quite a stir in 1993 with a redeveloped special impregnation and a removable Gore-Tex inner suit that made the Monaco suit the first breathable motorcycling suit in the world. In addition, the 1.2 mm thick, specially impregnated cattle nubuck leather ensures increased safety.  

    1997: the first Maverick denim suit.

    The world premiere with high-tech fabric – the material that was woven into the denim material at the time was called InoTex. It caused quite a stir thanks to extraordinarily good abrasion values.  

    1999 - 2018

    1999/2000: Concept AirFlow.

    Ventilation revolutionised – the Airflow suit is impressive thanks to innovative technology and ensures the most pleasant dry feeling for any climate. One year later, the helmet with integrated AirFlow system followed and in so doing completed the set.     

    2007: Neck Brace System.

    The innovative neck protection system that effectively reduces neck injuries with high wear comfort, is born from a fusion of BMW Motorrad, KTM and Leatt Brace.  

    2015/2016: DoubleR Race AIR / Street AIR suit.

    The racing sport jumpsuit with grips: the API system (Active Protection Inflatable) detects accident situations using activation logarithms and automatically triggers the airbag. This provides support and protects especially the neck, shoulders, clavicle, chest and back and prevents injuries from being caused to the upper spinal column. One year later, the system for public roads followed.

    VISION NEXT Vehicle with rider in concept equipment

    VISION NEXT Vehicle with rider in concept equipment.


    No helmet, just a pair of glasses is the only thing protecting the rider, with the fibres of the suit nestling aerodynamically against the body shape. This allows them to glide; the perfect pair in harmony. Because the rider and the BMW Motorrad NEXT VISION 100 are in permanent exchange with one another.

    The black triangular frame with silver accents, that is reminiscent of the R 32, lined with technology right down to the very last millimetre: emission-free engines with phenomenal power, stabilisers that support the balance, and a smart AI, that projects the most important data directly onto the visor, ensure maximised riding experience. Added to this is intelligent clothing that supports the neck at high speeds or provides either heat or cold via the integrated air conditioning system. The future is tangible.

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    Brochures and catalogues.

    BMW Motorrad accessories catalogue 1979
    PDF   |   3.40 MB
    BMW Motorrad system helmet brochure 1983
    PDF   |   0.92 MB
    BMW Motorrad rider's equipment 1985 catalogue
    PDF   |   3.16 MB
    BMW Motorrad GORE-TEX suit 1986 brochure
    PDF   |   1.13 MB
    BMW Motorrad rider's equipment 1988 catalogue
    PDF   |   5.15 MB
    BMW Motorrad rider's equipment 1990 catalogue
    PDF   |   4.26 MB
    BMW Motorrad rider's equipment and Active Line 1995 catalogue
    PDF   |   7.73 MB
    BMW Motorrad Maverick denim suit 1997 brochure
    PDF   |   1.19 MB
    BMW Motorrad rider's equipment 1999 catalogue
    PDF   |   13.00 MB
    BMW Motorrad rider's equipment and C.A.R.E. 1999 catalogue
    PDF   |   2.86 MB
    BMW Motorrad rider's equipment and accessories 2003
    PDF   |   22.60 MB
    BMW Motorrad rider's equipment 2004 catalogue
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